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lol i remember this day so well


lol i remember this day so well

Sunday Aug 31 @ 12:28am
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Sparkle palace cocktail table by John Foster

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Anyone interested in a Veronica Mars Against Humanity custom pack? Has it been done already?

I love Cards Against Humanity. With its quippage, darkness and misanthropy, Veronica Mars seems tailor-made for the game. So, in a moment of madness, I made a thing. Just the one thing, for now. If people are interested it could be developed over the next few months and might be a nice way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the movie’s release.

The end product would be playable on the Pretend Your Xyzzy site, a multiplayer platform where you can play the game and live chat, and which now allows users to add their own custom packs. 

If you’re interested in the idea, want to suggest cards, or write cards for an entire episode, please send me a message (or like/reblog, spread the word)! You can also find me at atartsboudoir.

Saturday Aug 30 @ 04:56pm


"hairless cats are disgusting!"

"hairy women are disgusting!" 


Saturday Aug 30 @ 04:28pm

What’s In My Purse?

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Saturday Aug 30 @ 03:31pm

The truth.


The truth.

Saturday Aug 30 @ 03:03pm


The power of the emotion shown in this scene will always enchant me.
Saturday Aug 30 @ 02:35pm

Friday Aug 29 @ 09:39pm

Chris Pratt being Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt being Chris Pratt

Friday Aug 29 @ 09:11pm


Check this out

Friday Aug 29 @ 09:09pm

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